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The Journal

A new society

Dear Friends,
Conversion to Christ leads to a love of God’s people the church. Not only did the blood of Jesus bring reconciliation with God but the blood of Jesus also brings reconciliation with other people as God creates a new humanity. In Ephesians 1:15-23 Paul prays that we would know the power of God at work in our lives. This prayer of Paul is answered as Jesus’ power brings us from spiritual deadness to spiritual life 2:1-10. In Ephesians 2:11-22 Paul continues to show how powerful this Gospel is because the Gospel also reconciles both Jew and Gentile. This was one of the great miracles of the early church that Jew and Gentile could be united in Christ. Paul speaks of God creating a single new humanity. When God brings us to faith in Christ he joins us with other Christians who are very different. There is great hostility in the world between different ethnicities but this hostility can also be expressed between different socioeconomic groups. Invariably when the Gospel is at work in church we will find that there are very different people with whom we would not normally mix. God is creating an alternative community which is united because we all share Jesus and His love and the Spirit. Further at times people will come to a church and find it hard to make friends because they see the people are so different. This is the very point at which the Lord is seeking to stretch us to learn to build relationships with people who are different and with whom in normal circumstances we would not mix. We are encouraged that this is not beyond us because God is building us into His church which is a holy temple where Christ dwells through His Spirit. Paul also uses the metaphors of citizenship and household to show that God creates a strong sense of belonging. Please pray that you will realise this and practise this. In the evening service we are commencing a new sermon series on Matthew 8-10. Tonight we will look at the authority of Jesus in Matthew 8:1-17. In this passage we see the authority of Jesus to heal and to deliver people from demonic oppression. It is very exciting that the Centurion understands Jesus authority because he recognises that Jesus has been sent by the Father. Jesus commends the centurion for great faith because He sees the source of Jesus authority is God. This is a wonderful passage for Katie’s commissioning because she goes forth to teach SRE in the authority of Jesus. Katie is teaching the approved SRE curriculum which is based on the word of God and which has an inherent authority from God. As Katie communicates the curriculum pray that God’s love is manifested as students reflect and engage with the material. Pray for Katie that she can serve the students and the staff at Leichhardt and Balmain. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara