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Being godly in the world

Being godly in the world Philippians 1:27-30 says that godly conduct flows from the Gospel. The death of Jesus & our acceptance of Jesus by faith means that we have new passports stamped with Heaven. We have a new identity in Christ and spiritually we are already citizens of heaven and this must affect the way we live. The expression “manner (of life)” is a Greek word meaning to have one’s citizenship. Later in 3:20 Paul explains that our citizenship is in heaven. So we are not to allow the dictates of worldly citizenship to dominate our priorities and how we live. Of course we should obey the law except where it would cause us to disobey God such as near the end of the 1st C when citizens of Rome were commanded to worship the emperor. This new citizenship means that Christians need to be united in one Spirit striving for the faith of the Gospel. God wants us to work together as a team 1:27. It is interesting that in the next verse 1:28 Paul raises the issue of not being frightened by opposition which must have been a temptation to compromise over the Gospel of Jesus and so lose their unity. Paul says that when they suffer for Jesus it is a sign that they will be saved & also a sign to those who oppose Christ that they will be destroyed. Christians experience both great joy and suffering at some level. God’s Blessing Rev David O'Mara.