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Blessing Machine

Blessing Machine Dear Friends, We are learning in Philippians that the foundation and source of all our blessings is the death of Jesus for our sins. This is not only a truth to believe, though it is not less than that. This work of Christ on the cross is God’s power for salvation to both forgive our sins and give us new power to obey God and for the church to be a blessing machine. Faith in Jesus means we are united to Christ 2:1-4 and then God commits Himself to help us obey Him. In 2:12-13 God through the Gospel and the work of His Spirit works to direct our wills to obey God. Carson says God himself is working in us both to will and to act: he works in us at the level of our wills and at the level of our doing. God works in us not merely with us. The thought of synergy which is my work plus God’s work gets it done shrinks the scope of what God actually does within us. This is very important. Listen to Augustine “Our deeds are our own, because of the free will producing them and they are also God’s because of his grace causing our free wills to produce\ them. Augustine continues - God makes us do what he pleases by making us desire what we might not desire.” This is pure grace and God wants us to learn to bless others and this begins with those in our church. We must shun complaining and arguing with our fellow church members because they are precious gifts to us. God’s Blessing Rev David O'Mara.