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The Journal

Parable of the Sower

Dear Friends, In our morning series of Genesis we have climbed the mountain speaks of Genesis 1-2 to see God’s plan for human beings of a beautiful world to live and work in. The greatest blessing of all is walking with God. But then in Genesis 3 the human race turns their back on the source of all this blessing - God himself and kicks an own goal and listens to
the temptation of the serpent. Sin takes a grip in our lives and our desires are corrupted. God’s judgement falls on people because of our sin and people are barred from the garden. Yet in the midst of this God promises to defeat the serpent and bring blessing through the woman 3:15. To understand this promise we need to see how this promise develops in the Bible. In Genesis 4-11 we
see the downward spiral of the human race with sin and wickedness growing. But then in Genesis 12 , a critical chapter which outlines God’s call on Abraham and His promise to bless the whole world through the descendants of Abraham. The New Testament shows the way that this blessing to the whole of humanity will come. Galatians 3:8,14 indicates that the promise to Abraham is fulfilled in and through Jesus Christ and His work on the cross. Glory to Jesus. God’s blessing Rev David O’Mara 

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Sin - Distorts our identity

Dear Friends, Genesis 3 teaches us why the world is in a mess and why there are difficulties and struggles in relationships & work. The heart of the problem is our sin and our rebellion against God. In Genesis 3:1-5 the serpent who is the devil (Rev) tempts Eve. His first temptation is to doubt God’s Word and imply that God hasn’t provided for all our needs. We know from Genesis 2 that God is generous and provided for all our needs. The devil’s next approach is to oppose God’s Word and encourage Eve to disregard God’s truth and assert that they won’t certainly die. Genesis 1-3 puts before us a very important aspect of being created in the image of God - we are morally responsible and we have the ability to choose between right and wrong. Eve ignores God’s Word and Adam is right there with her and he says nothing, The devils’ temptation is to be like God & so the essence of sin is to rebel against God’s rule and run our lives without God. A consequence of this rebellion is that our hearts become corrupt and God banishes people from the garden. God doesn’t leave us without hope because 3:15 speaks of the Lord providing a way for Satan’s plan to be crushed. The Bible unfolds how God calls us home & provides
forgiveness through Jesus. God’s blessing Rev David O’Mara 

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People - identity found in God

Dear Friends, Genesis 2:4-25 sets before us the ideal of how the world was created by God to work well and how we were to live. It seems that this account is placed before us to give us the ideal and invite a response in us to long to return to God’s paradise. This is especially so as the next chapter speaks of the fall of people or the sin of people and the loss of paradise. But we also see hope because in 2:4 God is named as Lord God. We have seen the title God in cop 1 meaning almighty and powerful but Lord or Yahweh is a new descriptor which refers to God’s desire for a covenant or a relationship and His power to save us or redeem us. In effect God is wooing us back by showing us what was lost by sin and He offers us a way back through His son Jesus as the story of the Bible unfolds. We also see God’s generous provision for us and that work is a gift from God to serve Him. By providing us with work God affirms the dignity of all work. God expects that we will work not so much for our own status but in service of the Lord. Similarly the first marriage is presented as an ideal where man and woman were naked and felt no shame 2:25. There was ease and nothing hidden between them. May we seek our redeemer earnestly. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara 

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God - Creator and identity maker

Dear Friends, Genesis 1:1-2:3 is a foundational passage in the Bible. It reminds us that God is our Creator and we owe our very life to Him. Genesis unfolds by indicating that we were made for God and we only find our true purpose and contentment in a relationship with Him. The creation of the world is very ordered and intentional and good. This world worked well according to the purpose God had made it for. It is amazing that God gave people to the task of ruling over the world. This Biblical worldview encourages us to be stewards to care for the world because it is a gift from God. He has made this world for our enjoyment and that involves using it responsibly and not recklessly. In 1:26-27 we learn that people are the high point of God’s creation and we are different from the animal world and natural world in that we are made in the image of God. This means that we have the capacity to have a relationship with God. In essence God’s person is relational and loving and so at the heart of being made in God’s image is to enjoy a relationship with God and other people and His World. To be created in His image means that we will honour people and treat them with dignity and respect. On the 7th day after creation God rested and this day is left open and we are invited to rest in all that God has done. This is a picture of salvation - rest from our labourers and enjoying rest in God.God’s Blessing David O’Mara 

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