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The Journal

Holy Spirit & Holy Scripture

Dear Friends, In 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 we see the work of the Holy Spirit in communicating and revealing the truth of God to people. The
Spirit searches the deep things of God and so is uniquely qualified for His teaching role - 2:9. The Spirit of God revealed these truths to the apostles and other Biblical authors 2:12-13 so that they could accurately and authoritatively record the Word of God and then communicate this to others, even us. The Spirit also enlightens the mind of people that they can understand Bible truths 2:14-15 and know God. We have been given a great privilege to know God through Christ and His Word and it is important to take hold of the privilege which we have been given by faith. There is often opposition to the truth of God’s Word. This will come in the form of discouraging confidence that it is the Word of God and that it has been accurately conveyed. We are confident because God watched over His Word through the work of the Spirit to ensure it was faithfully communicated - 2 Tim 3:16. God’s blessing Rev David O’Mara 

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Power through weakness

Dear Friends, The use and abuse of power has been very much in the news lately. Of course the issue of power has always been an issue in society but perhaps not as publicised as much as it is today. In 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 Paul speaks about true power and how it works.
He says that the most important power in the world is the power of the Cross 1:18 because it is the way that people are saved and forgiven. In Paul’s day many spoke of power through their knowledge 1:19,21 but this power is limited because it doesn’t enable a person to know God personally 1:21. Incredibly the way God’s power works is through seeming weakness and God’s power which is the power of the Cross of Christ 2:2-4 which actually saves people from darkness and sin and moves them into a relationship with God. Many people see the Cross as foolish or irrelevant or weak but when we humble ourselves and trust in what Christ has done we are made friends with God and find His truth & power at work in our lives. Paul encourages us to boast or put our faith in the Lord and we will see the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to bring forgiveness and great joy. God’s blessing Rev David O’Mara 

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The ambiguity of the church

Dear Friends, We begin a short series on 1 Corinthians 1-4 which looks at what the Bible teaches us about the church and Christian leadership and the Gospel. In 1 Corinthians 1:1-17 Paul calls the church at Corinth the church of God 1:1 and He thanks the Lord for God’s grace given to this church. Yet we know that this church was beset with division and jostling for power and pride as well as sexual sin. Sometimes as we look at the church & we find it hard to equate this with the reality we experience and the ideal of God’s purpose described in the Bible. Yet the letters of the New Testament do not hide the weakness and fragility of the church. Rev John Stott calls this the ambiguity of the church. By this he means that there is a gap between the calling of God and the reality we face. This should not surprise us because when God calls people to Himself it is not because we have any goodness inherent in us. In fact people become Christians solely because of God’s grace and mercy. Of course God expects us to grow in godliness as He provides the power of the Holy Spirit and the resources of His Word and His people and above all the power of the cross but Christian growth takes time. The ambiguity of the church recognises that we are God’s church but He has unfinished business with us. God’s blessing Rev David O’Mara 

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