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Christmas Day 2019 - Giving Worship and finding pleasure

Giving Worship and finding pleasure ! To worship something or someone is to give it/them worth or value. CS Lewis comments that it is natural for humans to give worth or value to what we find beautiful or pleasurable. Expressing our enjoyment of something or someone crowns the experience with joy and gives us pleasure ! In Matthew 2:1-12 the word worship is used 3x. The wise men ask Herod where is the king of the Jews who has been born because we have come to worship Him 2:2. Then Herod asks them to report back that He too may worship this king 2:8 but we know that he is not genuine and in fact his actions show that he worships himself. Finally the wise men find Jesus and they worship Him - 2:11. Worshipping Jesus is the true destiny of all people and we are most joyful when we worship Jesus because He worthy of worship because He is God with us and is pure and Holy and has come to rescue us from our sin by dying for us. This Christmas may you find the joy and pleasure of worshipping Jesus King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He alone is worthy of our worship because He has come amongst us as a humble servant who became vulnerable as a baby and knowingly gave His life as an offering for our sin. My hope this Christmas is that in the midst of celebration and time with family and friends You will find time to reflect on what Christ has done for us and this will lead you to experiencing His great joy. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara