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The Journal

Everyday pictures

Dear Friends,
Often when Jesus taught people He used every day pictures such as shepherds and sheep and fields and crops to communicate what His kingdom is like. In Matthew 22:1-14 Jesus teaches us about the way into the kingdom and uses the picture of a wedding banquet. In 22:1-4 we learn that a king prepared a wedding banquet for his son and invited people to come but people refused. He then sent others servants to let them know that He has provided a wonderful feast for people. Friends, God has provided a beautiful place for us where our deepest needs will be satisfied. In 22:5-7 he sent more servants and they also paid no attention and killed his servants. This is a picture of Israel’s history as God sent His prophets and the people continually refused to listen to them and turn from idolatry back to the Lord. The king was angry and sent judgement. Then in 22:8-10 the king sent his servants out to invite more people. This is a picture of the Gospel going to Gentiles or non Jews after the Jews rejected God’s servants and indeed Jesus himself. In 22:11-14 the story focuses on one person who was in the wedding but didn’t have wedding clothes. The king is not being unreasonable as we notice that the man is speechless when asked how he got in. This means that he has no valid reason. Throughout the Gospels and in the rest of the New Testament we learn that we can only enter the kingdom through what Jesus has done. When we die and face God we will not be able to make excuses. God will want to know what we have done with Jesus in our lifetime whether we have believed and accepted Him or ignored or rejected. Our eternal destiny hangs on our relationship with Jesus. Acts 4:12 reminds us that there is only one name under heaven by which we may be saved and that is Jesus. Again there is judgement which follows our refusal to accept Jesus. In the evening passage we are looking at the centurion. The centurion was an outsider. He didn’t get the first round of offer but Jesus commends him for his faith. In Luke 7:1-10 the centurion recognises that Jesus has come from God and has God’s authority. IN the Gospels Jesus seeks to explain that he has come from God and has God’s authority and so people must listen to Him. What about you ? Do you listen to Jesus ? God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mar