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Hope beyond death - it was ok anyway

Dear Friends,
With the death of Abraham in Genesis 25 it is the end of an era and yet God’s purposes still move forward because God is faithful from one generation to the next. Abraham has been a great man of faith despite his weaknesses but God’s promises look beyond Abraham and look forward to what the Lord is doing in saving the world. In 25:8 we are told that Abraham is gathered to his people and this implies that God’s people exist post death. It is the hope of the resurrection in an early form. It is not 1 Corinthians 15 but it is preparing us for the joy and hope of the resurrection we encounter with Jesus in the New Testament ! We are heartened that after the death of Abraham God blessed his son Isaac. We are then told about the sons of Ishmael and we see that even though he is not the son through whom the promise will be carried God nevertheless keeps his promises and Ishmael is growing into a great nation. God had foretold that Ishmael would live in hostility with all his brothers and he does. Every detail of God’s Word is fulfilled and this is a great encouragement for us to be students of the Word so that we are walking in obedience with God’s Word and commands. In the final section we learn of the account of the birth of Isaac’s son - Jacob and Esau. Following God is never
easy and it always seems that the promises of God are under threat as these 2 boys grow up and are at enmity with each other. Paul teaches us in Acts 14:22 that we must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God. God always gives us a realistic picture of what it means to follow Him and be faithful. That is why it is a walk of faith to follow God because there will always be pressure and opposition and we realise that we need to throw ourselves upon God and His promises to find fresh strength and hope to keep going. One truth that keeps us going is that God keeps His promises and the outcome of the coming of the Kingdom of God is never in doubt despite the trials and threats which oppose God’s people. Tonight at the 5pm service we look at 2 John. The letter is written to encourage God’s people to remain faithful to the Lord. During this time Christian teachers would travel around and they would be given hospitality by local churches. However John urges them to exercise quality-control such that if these itinerant teachers do not bring the faithful teacher of Jesus they should not be given hospitality. God’s Blessing David O’Mara