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Looking for the real thing

Looking for the real thing In chapters 1-9 the writer has been teaching us through his careful investigation of life under the sun that pursuing pleasure and education and power and wealth as ends in themselves will not bring satisfaction which we all long for. He has reminded us that we all must face death and that this is the great leveller of all people. Effectively the writer has been demolishing the false idols which people trust in for significance and joy and once he has shown their hollowness he seeks to move us onto his purpose of building a sure foundation to trust in - God Himself. In Chapter 9 the writer brings his argument to a conclusion and reminds us that all people face a common destiny of death but this is not a reason for despair. In 9:7-10 he teaches us that we are to embrace life and enjoy the good gifts which God provides for us such as food and wine and clothes. Within this section he is using wedding imagery. This is very interesting because the picture of God being a husband to his people is very strong - see Isaiah 54:5, 62:5. This picture of the celebration of God with His people reaches its climax in Revelation 19:7 where God invites His people who have accepted salvation as those who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb - our Lord Jesus who takes away sin through His death on the cross. It is a rich picture of celebration. Despite the uncertainty of this life and at times its seeming unfairness we are being directed to look for certainty and sure hope beyond this world. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara