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Party Invitation

Party Invitation Dear Friends, Today we are celebrating the baptism of Freddie and Rory Lawrence. Their sister Poppy is a regular at AllKids and at SRE and we are thankful that our relationship with the whole family (Flora and Rob) is growing. The passage set for today is Luke 5:27-32 and Jesus is eating a meal at a tax collector’s house. His name was Levi. For all intents and purposes Levi was a religious outsider but Jesus is offering “party invitations” to all people to come to faith and accept His love and friendship. Jesus loves people and loves eating with them. Recently I attended a children’s party and it was a wonderful day with party games, great company and of course great food. The banquet is a picture of heaven where people are invited to the heavenly banquet with Jesus as the host. Eating a meal is a very important picture in the Bible because it speaks of us being considered friends with God & able to enjoy intimacy with Him and the benefits of His gifts, especially forgiveness of sin. Celebrate ! God’s Blessing Rev David O'Mara