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Our church has just held our second monthly prayer meeting. We are doing a series on prayer for 6 weeks during our morning service so that we can grow in prayer together as a church.

Prayer is such a vital discipline because when we pray it is a statement of our dependence on the Lord. Jesus loves it when His people pray because He has given us the gift of prayer that we may be involved in partnership with Him in His work in this world.

Jesus directs us to pray. This is most famously conveyed in the Lord’s prayer. This prayer is a great prayer to pray but it is more than that. The Lord’s prayer teaches us God’s priorities for prayer. The Lord’s prayer reminds us that we are in an intimate relationship with God and with His people. That is why we can call Him ”Our Father’ (Matthew 6) because Jesus’ death has opened access for us (Ephesians 2:18) and made us His children. What a privilege !

The second important aspect of prayer in the Lord’s prayer is that we honour God’s name – hallowed be your name. Worship and praise both in what we say about God and how we live are critical in our witness.

May the Lord help us to grow as a praying church. As we do this we will be serving Jesus in His power and not our own.

God’s Blessing

Rev David O’Mara