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Relationships shaped by grace

Relationships shaped by grace  In Galatians 16-6:5  Paul is concerned that we live godly lives & do not allow sin to dominate our lives  5:16.  Faith in Jesus naturally affects how you live which includes your attitude toward God and your attitude to other people. There is a battle going on inside each of us between what God’s Spirit is leading us to do and what He is growing in us and what our old nature wants to hang onto.  Paul outlines the acts of our sinful nature 5:19-21 and contrasts this with the character which the Holy Spirit builds in us 5:22-23.  There is a warning that if we continue to indulge our sinful nature we may not inherit eternal life because we don’t belong to Jesus 5:21,23. The key to growing in godliness is not to try harder. Rather it is by faith to take hold of the work of Christ on the cross and that our sinful natures have been crucified with Christ. True conversion produces new desires in us through being given a new heart by the Spirit as He applies the benefits of Jesus’ death.  If we don’t live by the Spirit our old sinful nature will rise up and one of the consequences is that is that we struggle to live well with others - 5:26.  Paul instructs us 6:1-6 on how to help others when someone  is caught in sin. The emphasis in dealing with sin is on restoration and being gentle.  Our attitude to sin should be that it doesn’t surprise us when we see it in ourselves or in others but neither do we indulge it but seek to repent of it and seek God’s power to resist it. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara