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The Journal

Seek and you will find

Dear Friends,
One of the great themes of the Bible is that God goes looking for us to find us. Take for example the shepherds. They were minding their own business looking after sheep out in the cold. Suddenly angels sent by God appeared to them announcing great news of the birth of a Saviour, the Lord Jesus. The good news of Jesus brings great joy that God has come to this world to save us from our sins. In Luke 2:11 Jesus is identified as Saviour and Christ and Lord. As Saviour He rescues us from sin and judgement. As Christ He is God’s King who was promised in the Old Testament and has come into the world. As Lord He is the one who commands our obedience and is worthy of our worship. In 2:14 the angels give glory to God because it is incredible that He has left the glory of heaven and come to share our humanity and save us from our sin. It is too easy to take this message of Jesus birth for granted. This is huge. God has come to us ! After the angels have the left the shepherds decide to go and see this event. Many people have experiences of God but they don’t follow through or act on these and so the experiences are unproductive. The shepherds go and find the Christ and then they spread the word concerning Jesus. God’s message is so good that when it is properly understood and grasped it naturally spreads because those who experience the joy of the Lord want others to also experience this. In v19 Mary also responded to all these events not least the birth of Jesus but also including the shepherds and what they said. Mary treasured and pondered these things in her heart. Our life is incredibly busy and we need to spend time reflecting on Bible truths and seeking to understand them for ourselves and what they mean and apply them to our lives. Christian growth requires that we treasure and ponder and reflect so that God’s truth goes deep into our lives and brings life change ! At our evening service we have the story of the wise men. In particular we learn that their observation of the stars brought limited wisdom. They had a general knowledge about this King of the Jews and this bought them to Jerusalem the capital which is where they would expect a king to be born. The turning point for them finding Jesus was when Herod responded to the wise men’s request and asked his own religious leaders and they referred to the Old Testament and the book of Micah which states that the Messiah will be born in Bethlehem. They then went on their way guided miraculously by the star. God met them at their point of need and they saw Jesus for themselves and worshipped Him. The Scriptures were critical then and they are still today. Through reading God’s Word we find Jesus.
God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara