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The Journal

The Word becomes flesh - one of us !

The Word becomes flesh - one of us ! Dear Friends, John 1 is one of the most profound and sublime sections of Scripture. Whilst Matthew and Luke recount the events of the first Christmas, John focuses on the coming of Jesus and His identity and the meaning of that for us ! In particular John 1:1-18 describes Jesus as the Word of God. Being described as the Word shows God’s desire to communicate to us and reveal what He is like. Jesus was with God and was God and so Jesus is able to reveal God to us. In 1:14 the Word became flesh. Jesus existed with God the Father in heaven and then entered history and became a human being. Later in 1:18 John explains that no one has ever seen God but Jesus has come and made God known to us. Many people make the mistake of trying to guess what God is like or to make assumptions about His character and identity and what He requires from us. When we meet someone new it is very important for us to listen to them and let them explain who they are. If we don’t listen we are unable to know the full identity of that person. The Gospels are written to reveal Jesus to us. God calls us to listen to Him through His Word. John says that many people didn’t listen to Jesus 1:9-11 and in fact rejected Him. This is a tragedy because Jesus is the source of all life and light - 1:4. But the great privilege we have is that God is gracious and He offers us a fresh start and when we listen to God and trust His Word He gives us the privilege and right of being His children 1:12-13. We are hopeful because Jesus is stronger than the darkness and overcomes the darkness of our hearts through His death on the cross for our sin. HIs life is given through the cross. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara