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The Journal

True Satisfaction

Dear Friends,
Today as we celebrate Liam Evans baptism we are praying for the Lord’s blessing on his life. It is exciting to be young and at the start of your life but it is also daunting with many challenges ahead. Liam is in a favoured position to be baptised and to have Christian parents who will encourage him in the Lord and a church family who will pray for and support the whole family. It is God who made Liam and knows what is best for his life. The Word teaches us what is best for us. Today we are looking at Mark 6:30-44 which teaches about the provision of bread and fish for 5000 people in the wilderness. This story has echoes from God leading the people out of Egypt and into the wilderness and providing for their needs. This is intentional because just like God provided for the people in the desert in the time of Moses He does so again because Jesus is the true shepherd who cares for His sheep. Jesus lays down His life for his sheep and indeed there are overtones of this in the passage today because when Jesus takes the bread and fish and gives thanks and breaks them these 2 verbs are picked up in Mark 14:22 when Jesus celebrates the Passover and gives thanks and breaks the bread. There is a pathway from the Exodus and the provision of manna and quail in the desert with Mose and with the feeding of the 5000 miracle to the last supper to the death of Jesus. We know in John 6:35 that Jesus is the bread of life. That means that through His life He gives us life. It is Jesus who gives us eternal life which involves forgiveness of sin. But we also see that after this miracle of feeding 5000 men and most likely many women and children we learn that 12 basketfuls of bread and fish were left over. This shows God’s generous provision and the fact that the people were satisfied teaches us that it is Jesus alone who satisfies our deepest need for love and forgiveness. This takes us back to the reason why Jesus did this miracle. IN 6:34 we learn that he saw the people and had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd and so he taught them. Jesus is like God because He is God and He is the shepherd who cares for us and looks after our needs. At 5pm we are looking at the story of Mary and Martha from Luke 10:38-42. In particular Mary is commended because she chose to sit at Jesus feet and learn from Him. May the Lord help us to not waste opportunities to learn from Jesus and may we choose what is best. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara