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The Journal

We are God's beautiful poem

Dear Friends,

Our God is an exquisite artist and He delights to work in our lives and make something beautiful. In Ephesians 2:10 we are informed that we are God’s workmanship. The original Greek for this word is poiema from which we derive our word poem. Ephesians 2:1-10 instructs us how God goes about making something beautiful out of our lives. To understand the greatness and power of God’s work Paul explains that without Christ we are spiritually dead 2:1-3 and in fact are captive under the devils’ control. To be spiritually dead means that we can’t really know God nor serveHim. It was the great reformer Martin Luther who explained that chief amongst the passions of our flesh 2:3 is the fact that our sinful nature is curved in on itself. That is we are selfish and self-centred. We cannot break free of this in our own strength. Previously in Ephesians 1:15-23 Paul prays for the Christians that they would know the resurrection power ofJesus. Now in 2:4-7 we learn that this power is so great that God makes us alive with Christ. God puts spiritual life into us. This is accomplished by the work of Jesus on the Cross and resurrection so that the power of sin and death is broken. Then we are united with Christ and receive all the blessings of Christ as we put our faith in Jesus. Paul explains in 2:8-10 that this is all a gift from God and the way we receive this is through faith or trust in the Lord. It is very important to see that the Lord saves us from sin and God’s wrath and then unites us with Christ and then has a purpose to lead us in good works of service. Many people today are dissatisfied with life which seems sheer drudgery. This is not surprising if we are only living for ourselves and not the Lord. Serving the Lord builds contentment in our lives.The service of the Lord is varied and can involve such as speaking with new people after church or praying each day for other church members and God’s work. Serving the Lord is about trusting Him and being willing to be identified as one of His followers. In the evening service Rev Barry McGrath who works for Anglicare will preach on Genesis 1and Psalm 139 about people being made in the image of God. Just like we are God’s workmanship we also realise that because we are created in God’s image we are valuable to the Lord and we have a purpose in our service of the Lord. My prayer and hope is that through the regular Sunday services and personal Bible reading and prayer you will be built up in Christ and be strengthened in heart so you are motivated to continue the journey of getting to know Christ better. It doesn’t all depend on you. In fact spiritual growth comes through the power of Jesus. Through faith we access all His blessings which He delights to give us. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara