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Humility opens the way for blessing

All Souls

Dear Friends,

The lead up to the birth of Jesus is alive with the sound of praise. There is great joy experienced by both Elizabeth and Mary. Elizabeth is full of praise because she sees God’s kindness in allowing her to come in contact with the mother of the Lord and Mary is full of praise because God has granted her the privilege of carrying Jesus in her womb. God is also kind to Mary by providing Elizabeth to share the good news of the coming of the Saviour of the world – 1:36,43. When Mary reaches Elizabeth’s house and greets Elizabeth she is filled with the Holy Spirit and this brings understanding that Mary has the Christ child. We cannot underestimate how important it was for Mary to be able to share with Elizabeth. This story reminds us that good news is for sharing and this is the basis of our joy as we celebrate together what Christhasdone. Christianjoyisnotbasedonhowwefeelbutis based on the facts and truth of what God has done in sending the Saviouroftheworldtous. AswematureinChristwelearnto rejoice and praise God for what He has done in dying for our sin. This is not to deny pain and difficulties but we recognize that God has entered this world to deal with sin. His death on the Cross brings forgiveness but Mary’s song also reminds us that God will scatter the proud and lift up the humble. So often in life we can struggle with events where there is great injustice and even evil but Mary’s song says that at the last God will reverse this and His justice will be done. One of the great requirements of faith is the willingness to be patient and wait for God’s timing. We must trust God that when injustice seems to reign there will come a day when it is dealt with totally and finally and that will be accomplished at the second coming of Jesus. In the meantime we must choose to wait patiently and give the Lord our burdens. We cannot carry pain and hurt and fear ourselves and that is why the Word of God says cast all your cares on the Lord for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7.

As you read the Bible we see that what Jesus did on the Cross in dying for our sins is unique. Only the Lord could do this. But Jesus does encourage us that nevertheless the Lord set us n example to follow. We can’t die for other people’s sins but we can show love sacrificially. In John 13:34 Jesus says that we should love others as he has loved us. He has loved us sacrificially and this has resulted in Him denying Himself. Further in Philippians 3:17 Paul says to follow his example and model. Now Mary is unique in carrying the Lord but I do believe that Luke presents her as example to follow. We see this in Luke 1:45 because Elizabeth comments on Mary’s obedience by saying that anyone will be blessed who trusts that the Lord will accomplish what He has said. So Mary is a wonderful example to emulate in trusting God’s Word and not allowing fear to dominate our lives. Mary is also a wonderful example who received great blessing because she humbled herself – 1:48. Humility is not a feeling but a decision to see God’s power and realize our smallness. Humility is putting our confidence in Jesus and not in ourselves.

God’s richest blessing Rev David O’Mara ( - Facebook All Souls Leichhardt (Thank God for our people - pictures – Andrew/Lucy, Nina/Sue, Doug/Di, Clarie/Jenny)