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God's Judgement is Just


Dear Friends,

Dear Friends, It is incredible how much turmoil there is the world. Apart from the current places of sustained conflict such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq there have recently been terrorist or unprovoked attacks in France, Japan, Ansbach, Wuerzburg, Munich, Reutlingen Germany. What is happening in our world? There is a growing level of violence occurring in unprecedented ways. Respect for traditional authority structures have broken down as well as a disregard for the sanctity of life. As we have been travelling through Genesis we have been reminded that people are created in the image of God and therefore are valuable. But as the human race began to disregard God and His laws there was an accompanying disrespect for the sanctity of life. In Genesis 6:11-12 we see a picture of corruption and violence in the world which has become an epidemic. In the days of Noah the world was a very unsafe place to live because people disregarded God and this led them to disregard people. Respect had gone out the window. As a result of this God states in 6:13 that he will send judgement and wipe out the world. When we speak about God’s judgement many people feel uncomfortable about this.

Genesis 6 reminds us of the state of the world which is full of violence so God’s Word is teaching that God’s judgement is just. As you read the passage we see that God is deeply affected by the increase of evil. In fact 6:6 says that his heart is deeply troubled. Not only are people disobeying God but they are also destroying each other. The Bible always teaches us that God’s judgement is just. Later in Genesis 18:25 as the Lord speaks with Abraham about his intention to bring judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah and destroy them we are reminded of the wickedness of those cities and that God’s judgtement will be just. Justice is very important to God because He is impartial. What is wonderful in this passage is that not only is God just but he is also merciful and He displays this by providing the ark as a place of safety from judgement and also a place of salvation. Noah and His family are kept safe by God. Notice God’s care of this family in warning Noah of the danger which was coming. In 2 Peter 2:5 God also warned people through Noah who is described as a preacher of righteousness. We must remember that the emphasis in the Bible is that God wants to save people. He delights to forgive people and save people and we know that this is true because he sent Jesus 1 Timothy 1:15 so we could be forgiven and not go to hell. Genesis 6 and the events of the flood teach that judgement is real and it is a warning to our generation to repent of sin and be ready for the return of Christ. Just like God provided the ark for Noah and his family and for all who would take refuge in it so God provides the death of His son on the Cross for our sin so that all who take refuge in Jesus will escape judgement and be safe with Him forever. In 7:16 we see God personally involved in keeping Noah and his family safe. God shuts Noah in so that He will be saved. Jesus does that for us by giving us the Holy Spirit who will keep us safe till we make it home to heaven. God’s Blessing.

Rev David O'Mara