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The Journal

Holy Christian Growth


Dear Friends,

In 1 Peter 1:13-25 Peter reminds the Christians of God’s purpose for their lives. God wants us to be holy. That doesn’t mean that we will be perfect. To be holy means to be set apart from sin and set apart for God. The basis for this goal to be holy is the fact that our God is holy. When we come to faith in Jesus He gives us His Spirit and His Spirit works in us to change us so we become more like Jesus. Over time He begins to grow a hunger for God and His Word in our lives and a hatred of sin.

God involves us in this process of Christian growth. In v13 we are reminded that our minds need to be alert to choose to focus on Jesus and His coming. It is so easy in the Christian life to be distracted by many other things. Peter urges us to value our salvation and understand how precious is the blood of Jesus. He does this by contrasting the blood of Jesus, that is Jesus’ life with things which are valued in this world but don’t have eternal significance such s gold and silver. Peter also speaks about the power of God’s Word to save us and keep us. He reminds us that we are fragile like grass and flowers which wither and fall. However, the Word of God endures forever and provides a foundation for our life because God’s living Word is with us forever. Build your life on the Word of God.

God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara