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The Journal

His Spiritual Family


Dear Friends,

The Christian faith is based on the external historical work of Jesus in coming to earth, dying on the Cross for our sin and then rising from the dead. Regardless of how we feel what Christ has done stands. But the Christian faith is also personal and experiential. In 1 Peter 2:3 Peter recognises that we can “taste” that the Lord is good. We can personally experience the goodness of God. He loved us enough to die for our sins. There is no sin or evil in Him. He is kind and gracious to us ! Further in v4 Peter invites us to come to Jesus.

Our faith is not just interesting information about God but a personal experience of Jesus. Sometimes in the life of the church people come to church and feel they don’t fit in. What is very encouraging is that God is building us into His spiritual family , that is our fellow believers. God helps us to fit in. Our purpose outlined in v5 is to offer spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus. This is more than just singing songs on Sunday. Romans 12:1-2 teaches us that our whole life is a spiritual act of worship. So we worship the Lord when seek to honour Him at home, at work, in the community and at church. Our service of God is built on the fact that we have been called to be holy, to leave sin and to pursue goodness. This world is not our true home and so we seek to point people to Jesus by showing good deeds which are the fruit of our personal experience of tasting the Lord’s goodness, v12

God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara