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The Journal

Wise people still seek Jesus

Dear Friends,
As we celebrate the baptism of Angus and Mathilde McGrath today our passage directs us to another child :- the birth of our Lord Jesus and the reaction of the wise men to His birth.
Our passage today is Matthew 2:1-12 and retells the story of the wise men from the East who came seeking Jesus, the King of Jews. From their star gazing they believed that there would be a special King born to the Jews. Whilst they had some general sense of where this special king being would be born they needed to travel to the capital and ask King Herod more details. Herod asked his advisors where this would happen and they referred to the Old Testament Scriptures in the book of Micah written in the 8th C BC. There was a prophecy that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. This was a surprise because it was a small town. The significance of the wise men is that they represent great wisdom and learning and they bow down before Jesus acknowledging His greatness. In a sense they represent the best wisdom the world has to offer and they recognise one who is much greater than they. The gifts they give are very valuable and are fitting for a King. In the background of this passage we see King Herod who seems to want to know about this King so he can worship him. But the wise men are warned to not return to him. King Herod cannot be trusted. We know from history that Herod was intensely jealous and murdered his own wife and sons because he was worried about protecting his own power. The wise men show the proper response which is to bow down and worship Jesus and give Him honour. Today at this baptism we recognise that all wisdom is found in Christ and like the wise men God calls us to lay our life before Him and give Him everything. Only in Christ will we truly be satisfied because He is the source of all wisdom. Tonight we look at the parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16:1-15. There is a lot happening in this passage but generally we are being instructed by Jesus that life is a gift and we need to be good stewards. IN fact we need to take care of what God gives us including both material and spiritual blessings and be generous towards others. When we do this we will have displayed God’s wisdom because He is generous. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara